A celebration dinner will be staged at the War Memorial Centre on Tuesday 20 March 2018 to celebrate the achievements of milers from the Southern hemisphere on the world stage. The guest speaker will be David Moorcroft (England), winner of the Cooks Gardens “One Mile Championship” in 1977 and 1980. Also world record holder 5,000m and 1978 Commonwealth Gold medalist 1,500m. The MC John McBeth.

All Cooks Gardens’ sub four minute milers have been invited back to receive their numbered presentation cap. This list includes:

Peter Snell, Bruce Tulloh (England), Bill Baillie, Jurgen May (East Germany), Kip Keino (Kenya), Rod Dixon, John Walker, Dick Quax, Peter O’Donoghue, Tom Smith (USA), Harold Hudak (West Germany), Tony Rogers, Michael Hillardt (Australia), Ray Flynn (Ireland), Pat Scammell (Australia), Brian Theriot (USA), Kerry Roger, Peter Renner, Darryl Frecker (USA), Paul van de Grift (USA), Phil Clode, Hamish Christensen, Chris Bowden (Australia), Bryan Berryhill (USA), Alistar Stevenson (Australia), Stephen Willis, Simon Maunder, Nick Willis, Craig Mottram (Australia), Mo Farah (England), Paul Hamblyn, Gareth Hyett, Andrew Baddeley (England), Adrian Blincoe, David Campbell (Ireland), Anuese Curreen (Samoa), Will Lear (USA), Hamish Carson, Lee Emmanuel (England), Malcolm Hicks and Eric Speakman.

Other invitees include: Sir Murray Halberg, Sir John Landy (Australia), Herb Elliott (Australia), Marise Chamberlain, Tony Pohill, Dick Taylor, Kevin Ross, Steve Ovett and Steve Cram.