Quick Guide to Perfomance Scores

A Guide to IAAF rankings

There are two World Rankings

Event Rankings and Overall Rankings

Event Rankings are the important measure as they apply to a single discipline and the overall rankings apply to a group. E.g. 100m is the main event and the 50m 55m and 60m are similar events.

The Ranking Method consist of



“Athletes performance can be considered in all competitions from grass roots to elite international level. However, the results must be in accordance with IAAF Rules and Regulations in force, and the IAAF or one of its Area Associations or Member Federations must have official ratified the results.”

If this is not meet, then no Performance Score is awarded.


The Placing Score is awarded for the placing achieved at a competition.

Placing Scores can only be received in the FINAL of a competition

In heats, quarter-finals or semi-finals and in qualifications athletes obtain a only a results score with no additional placing score.

Whilst it is unlikely to affect NZ in the “OW”, “DF”,”GW” and “GL” categories, Placing scores in the round before the finals are awarded.

In National Championships Placing Scores can only be awarded to athletes representing their home country or area.

The categories of competitions that we could be within

  1. National Senior Championships
  2. Area Permit Meetings – second tier (Senior Only)
  3. Area Permit Meetings Indoor and third tier (Senior Only)
  4. Traditional International Meetings: – subject to application and Area approval
  5. National Senior Championships This means if we run the 3000m men’s and women’s senior championship that event is eligible.
  6. Designated (national permit) meetings (subject to MF/IAAF approval)
  7. Area U18 Championships
  8. National permit meetings


  B C D E F
1st 100 60 40 25 15
2nd 80 50 35 21 10
3rd 70 45 30 18 5
4th 60 40 25 15  
5th 55 35 22 12  
6th 50 30 19 10  
7th 45 27 17    
8th 40 25 15    


1st 70 50 35 20 12
2nd 60 40 27 16 7
3rd 50 35 22 12 4
4th 45 30 19 10  
5th 40 26 16 9  
6th 35 23 14 8  
7th 30 20 12    
8th 25 18 10    


There is a 10000m Placing Score there is also Placing Score for outdoor 5000m when a similar event



With the exception of 5000m 10000m 3000mSC the minimum number of performance scores is FIVE and THREE for Main Events

In the 5000m and 3000mSC the minimum number of performance score is THREE and TWO for Main Events

In the 10000m the minimum number of performance score is TWO and ONE for Main Events

This means that and Athlete must run say in the 1500m five events three of which must be main events. An athlete can run three 1500m Main events and two, one mile events.



Track & Field Events

Only performances obtained in the 12 months period prior to the date of the ranking for the 10000m the period is 18 months.

For events with a ranking period of 12 months the points deducted are:

10 months prior to the ranking 20 points

11 month prior to the ranking 40 points

12 months prior to the ranking 60 points

Senior Championships are counted within the 12 months period, the latest are calculated in the ranking.



Main Events

New world record = 20 bonus points added to the average of Performance Scores

Equalling the World record = 10 bonus points to the average of Performance Scores

Similar Events

World records = 10 bonus points

Equalling World record = 5 bonus points.



The ranking score is the average of Performance stores (see Ranking Period)